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MAIC2018 | MIFY-Machine Intelligence For You


After-Final : Submit your AI

MAIC stands for MIFY Artificial Intelligence Contest. It is a board game based Artificial Intelligence contest yearly organized by the company MIFY. The aim of the contest is twofold. Firstly MIFY would like to demystify the concept of the Artificial Intelligence in order to motivate students/professionals to specialize in Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, MIFY would like to promote some interesting society games from Africa.

MAIC requires an implementation of AIs that are able to play a strategical board game from Africa. For MAIC 2018 the game is Seega, from Egypt. The goal of the game is to capture all the pieces of your opponent (or as much as possible when the game arrives at a blocking configuration).

Download the rules of the game
One can download a mobile version of Seega here

For MAIC, all game GUIs and rules have already been implemented. The API provides a number of methods to facilitate the implementation of the AI. The work of the contestants (teams of two or three members) is to implement an algorithm that will choose the pawn to move in order to win the game. The idea is to put intelligence as much as possible in the algorithm.
The submission of the AI is online and the competition is open to anyone interested. It is not necessary to be physically present for this contest.

MAIC 2018, it is 54 registered teams from 6 countries (Benin, Togo, Senegal, Japan, Russia, Belgium) with 142 participants. We had 3 main phases for MAIC: group phase (November 24) with 8 groups of 6 or 7 intelligent agents , semi-final (December 08) with 16 intelligent agents, and final (December 22) with 8 intelligent agents.