MIFY - Awale Game : API,

Awale game is one of the famous board games from Africa with many variants and is now played worldwide in various forms. In this paper, we propose an open-source Application Programming Interface (API) for developers to allow an easy implementation of the various variants of Awale as well as artificial intelligence based players. The API is available online at https://github.com/Machine-Intelligence-For-You/Awale. Based on this API, we propose a PC Awale game, a mobile Awale game, and an Augmented Reality Game. The Awale API was also used for the first edition of MAIC, an Artificial Intelligence contest https://mify-ai.com/maic2017/.

Contacter MIFY

La première société dans la sous région ouest africaine spécialisée dans l'internet des objets, l'intelligence articielle et les applications qui y sont liées.

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